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Harpo's 2012-2013 Beer Club

What do Harpo's Special Ale, Strongbow, Major Tom's Pomegranate, Great Lakes Dortmunder, Fort Collins Chocolate Stout, Blue Moon, Sam Smith Taddy Porter, Tommy Knocker Butthead Bock, LaBatt Blue, Yellow Jacket, Charles Wells Banana Bread, Cave Creek Chili Beer, Killian's, Majic Hat #9, St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat, La Fin Du Mon, and Coors Light have in common?

They're all part of our 9th Annual Beer Club starting on April 1, 2012.

Taste some of the finest beers that Planet Earth has to offer. Head on down to your favorite Harpo's for our varied selections and sign-up information. You have one year to start and complete our fabulous beer tour. That should give you plenty of time to start flexing your beer buds. You're going to need it!

We have introduced 76 new beer selections for this year’s club. Incidentally, those beers mentioned above (plus MORE)...are ALL AVAILABLE! New choices include Oatmeal Stout, Chocolate Stout, Hefeweizen's, India Pale Ales, Belgian beers, Bocks, Pilsners, Porters, Honey Weiss, fruit beers such as Black Cherry and Cherry Wheat, Amber Lager, beers from Mexico, Austria, Poland, Canada, Holland and, of course, Cleveland! Plus, any beer imaginable that could stimulate your taste buds. We have 37 tapped beers and over 82 different bottled brands for your enjoyment. They're all here and waiting for you!!!

Thank you!

Eddie Allman
Harpo's Sports Cafe

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Dear Beer Club Member:

The official kick-off to the 9th Annual Tour of the Harpo’s Sports Cafe Beer Club started on April 01, 2012. We’re excited about the upcoming new selections as we’ll introduce 76 new beers for this coming year’s club. New choices include Oatmeal Stout, Chocolate Stoudt, Polish Lager, Pilsner’s, Dark Lager’s, Fruit Beers, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Spain and German Beers, Bocks, Flemish Ale, Framboise Kriek and any imaginable beer that could stimulate your taste buds. We’ll have 37 tapped beers and over 82 different bottled brands for your enjoyment. (Strongsville Harpo's selection of drafts beer vary from Brook Park) You’re invited to start this journey to discover and experience the vast and varied offerings from brew masters around the world. As a Beer Club member, look for special pricing on different draft and bottled brews each week.

Participation in the Beer Club is limited to those 21 years of age and older. All beers must be sampled at Harpo’s Brook Park. Beer Club membership available only at participationg location. We ask you to please drink responsibly, since you have an entire year to complete the tour! In the meantime, for updates on the Beer Club and other information about events at Harpo’s, including our new 2012-2013 selections, browse thru our website at

A special thank you to our record number of participants from the 2011 Harpo’s Beer Tour and to everyone who helped with their contributions, including our wonderful staff. I appreciate your continued support for another successful season. See you soon!!


Eddie Allman
Harpo’s Sports Cafe