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Harpo's Special Ale
**Origin: Milwaukee**Style: Lager** A secret recipe brewed for Harpo's that originated in 1993. Harpo's Special Lager has five barley malts, three of which are specially roasted, plus Cluster and Mt. Hood hops. It's a reddish brown or copper colored beer with medium body and slight malt sweetness. The malt aroma and flavor has a slight toasted character. It's body is a smooth, hearty, robust taste.


We do at Harpo's, and we want you to become aquainted with this fascinating world. Many people can go through their whole life and never drink more than two kinds of beer. It’s our privilege to help you realize that this world of beer isn't just "flat" and "tasteless". Here's a short guide with different styles and a brief description of beer that we offer, followed by Harpo's draft selections. So the next time you order your favorite adult beverage at Harpo's, open up your taste buds and enjoy some of the "tastes" in our world of beers.

Thank you for you patronage!!

Eddie Allman
Harpo's Sports Cafe


Lager: Two different types of yeast can be used to create alcohol. Bottom-fermenting yeast that ferments slowly at a low temperature creates a smoother, mellower beer. Lager beers are light in color, high in carbonation and tend to be less alcoholic than ales. Lagers are best served chilled (about 48 °F/9 °C).

Ale: The other type of yeast rises to the top during fermentation. It also ferments more rapidly and at a higher temperature, resulting in a more aromatic and fruity product. Real ale is produced using traditional methods, without pasteurization. Compared to lagers, ales have a lower amount of carbonation and should be served at a warmer temperature (54-56 °F/12-13 °C). Strong ales should be served at room temperature.

Amber: Malty, hoppy beers have a rich golden color. They can be ales or lagers and tend to be fuller bodied due to the addition of specialty grains.

Bitter: Highly hopped for a more dry and aromatic beer, bitter is pale in color but strong in alcohol content. It's popular in British pubs.

Dark Beer: Beer becomes darker when the barley is kilned for a longer period of time. This also creates richer, deeper flavors from the roasted grain.

Fruit Beer: Fruit may be added either during the primary fermentation or later. Fruit beer is usually made with berries, although other fruits can be used.

India Pale Ale: The name is often shortened to IPA. This ale was originally brewed in England for export to India. The large quantities of hops added were intended as a preservative and to mask potential off-flavors that might develop during the long voyage.

Mild Beer: Developed as a sweeter and cheaper alternative to dark ales and porters. Mild beer was a popular beer in the mid-nineteenth century but has all but disappeared in most pubs.

Pilsner: This is the term for the classic lager originally developed in Czechoslovakia, a pale, golden-hued, light beer after which many mass-produced American beers are modeled. Pilsners should be served very cold (43 °F/6 °C).

Porter: Very bitter, very dark, this beer was developed in England as a "nourishing" drink for manual laborers such as porters.

Stout: Very dark and heavy, with roasted unmalted barley and, often, caramel malt or sugar, stout was invented by Guinness as a variation on the traditional porter. Serve Guinness at a cool temperature (41-43 °F/5-6 °C).

Wheat Beer (Weizen): Malted wheat, in addition to barley, is used for this German style beer. Wheat beers were drunk prior to Prohibition and are experiencing a rebirth in the U.S. American wheat beers are markedly different from their German predecessors, which are "spicier."

Belgium White: Belgian white ales are very pale in color and are brewed using unmalted wheat and malted barley andare spiced with coriander and orange peel. Coriander and light orange peel aroma should be perceived. These beers are traditionally bottle conditioned and served cloudy. An unfiltered nearly opaque haze should be part of the appearance. The style is further characterized by the use of noble-type hops to achieve a low hop bitterness and little to no apparent hop flavor. This beer has low to medium body, no diacetyl, and a low to medium fruity-ester level.

Munich Dunkel: An old friend of Bavaria, Munich Dunkels are smooth, rich and complex, but without being heady or heavy. They boast brilliant ruby hues from the large amounts of Munich malts used, and these malts also lend a fuller-bodied beer. The decoction brewing process also lends much depth and richness. Bitterness is often moderate, with just enough to balance out any sweetness. Hop varieties used tend to be of the German noble varieties, like: Tetnang and Hallertau.

American Pale Ale: Of British origin, this style is now popular worldwide and the use of local ingredients, or imported, produces variances in character from region to region. Generally, expect a good balance of malt and hops. Fruity esters and diacetyl can vary from none to moderate, and bitterness can range from lightly floral to pungent. American versions tend to be cleaner and hoppier, while British tend to be more malty, buttery, aromatic and balanced.

Weizenbock: A more powerful Dunkel Weizen (of "bock strength"), with a pronounced estery alcohol character, perhaps some spiciness from this, and bolder and more complex malt characters of dark fruits.

Imperial Stout: Dark copper to very black, imperial stouts typically have a high alcohol content. The extremely rich malty flavor and aroma are balanced with assertive hopping and fruity-ester characteristics. Bitterness can be moderate and balanced with the malt character or very high in the darker versions. Roasted malt astringency and bitterness can be moderately perceived but should not overwhelm the overall character. Hop aroma can be subtle to overwhelmingly hop-floral, -citrus or -herbal. Diacetyl (butterscotch) levels should be very low. This style may be subcategorized into black and quite robust “American” versions.

Red Ale: Primarily a catch all for any beer less than a Dark Ale in color, ranging from amber (duh) to deep red hues. This style of beer tends to focus on the malts, but hop character can range from low to high. Expect a balanced beer, with toasted malt characters and a light fruitiness in most examples. The range can run from a basic ale, to American brewers who brew faux-Oktoberfest style beers that are actually ales instead of lagers.

Oatmeal Stout: These are generally medium to full bodied stouts that have an unreal smoothness to them from the addition of oats to the mash. The oats not only add a lot of smoothness to the mouth feel but give a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of stout. Both levels of roasted flavor and hop character will vary.

English Brown Ale: Spawned from the Mild Ale, Brown Ales tend to be maltier and sweeter on the palate, with a fuller body. Color can range from reddish brown to dark brown. Some versions will lean towards fruity esters, while others tend to be drier with nutty characters. All seem to have a low hop aroma and bitterness.

Abita Turbo Dog

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: New Orleans**Style: Brown Ale**Abita Turbodog is a dark brown ale brewed with Willamette hops and a combination of British pale, crystal and chocolate malts. This combination gives Turbodog its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate-toffee like flavor. Turbodog began as a specialty ale but has gained a huge loyal following and has become one of our three flagship brews. **ABV 6.1%**Food Pairings:Cheese (earthy; Camembert, Fontina, nutty; Asiago, Colby, Parmesan) Meat (Pork, Grilled Meat) [ ? ]

Bigfoot Sierra Nevada

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: California** Style: **Barleywine Style Ale**Bigfoot Ale is an award-winning example of the traditional barleywine ale style. It boasts a dense, fruity bouquet; an extremely rich, intense palate; and a deep, reddish-brown color. This ale is superbly balanced between an almost overpowering maltiness and a wonderfully bittersweet hoppiness. **ABV 9.6%**Food Pairings:Cheese (sharp; Blue, Cheddar, pungent; Gorgonzola, Limburger) General (Dessert, Digestive) [ ? ]

Blue Moon

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Colorado**Style: Wheat **NOT IN BEER CLUB**The beer is orange-amber in color with a cloudy appearance due to the fact that it is unfiltered. It is also spiced with coriander and orange peel in addition to the hops found in most beers. Blue Moon does have a more pronounced orange flavor than many other beers of the style. The grain bill for Blue Moon includes malted barley, white wheat, and oats. Many wheat beers are served with a slice of lemon. Blue Moon, however, is traditionally served with a slice of orange, as it is said to accentuate the flavor of the brew. Some beer drinkers do not prefer fruit slices in their beer, since they believe the citric acid can eliminate the beer's frothy head. **ABV 5.4%**Food Pairings: Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack, tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Brooklyn Lager

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: New York**Style: Malt Lager** Broolyn Lager is amber-gold in color and displays a firm malt center supported by a fine bitterness and a floral hop aroma. Caramel malts show in the finish. ABV 5.2% Food Pairings:Food Pairings: Cheese (peppery; Monterey/Pepper Jack, tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Coors Light

**Origin: Colorado**Style: Light Lager**NOT IN BEER CLUB**The Silver Bullet®" - Coors' largest-selling brand and the third best-selling beer in the U.S. Introduced in 1978. Gold medalist (American-style light lager) at 1998 Great American Beer Festival®. A premium light beer. **ABV 4.2%** Food Pairings: Cuisine (Barbecue, Curried, Indian, Latin American, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Pan Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern) [ ? ]

Doggie Style Pale Ale

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Colorado**Style: Pale Ale**Amber in color and dry-hopped with buckets full of cascades for a unrivaled hop flavor and aroma. **ABV 5.4%** Food Pairings: Cuisine (Pan Asian) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry) [ ? ]


 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Ireland/USA**Style: Half Guiness/Half Sunset Wheat** **ABV 4.4%**Food Pairings: Cuisine (Barbecue, Latin American) General (Chocolate) Meat (Smoked Meat, Grilled Meat) [ ? ]

Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Hell

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Germany**Style: Wheat Ale **It is brewed from wheat malt, barley malt, hops, top fermenting yeast and water according to a time honored Bavarian recipe. **ABV 5%**Food Pairings:Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack, tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Fuller's ESB

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: England**Style: Extra Special Bitter****The bottled variant of the beer has a bronze copper, deep amber color. On the nose, grass and other spicy notes are apparent. Dark caramel notes from the malt are more prominent on the bottled version of this product but marmalade, banana and other fruit flavors are dominant in the beer. **ABV 5.9%**Food Pairings:Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack, tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Goose Island Honker's Ale

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Chicago**Style: English Bitter** Inspired by visits to English country pubs, Honker’s Ale combines a spicy hop aroma with a rich malt middle to create a perfectly balanced ale that is immensely drinkable. A smooth, drinkable English Bitter for those looking for more from their beer. **ABV 4.3%**Food Pairings:Cheese (tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) [ ? ]

Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Cleveland **Style: Pale Ale ****An assertively hopped American Pale Ale with citrusy and piney Cascade hops. **ABV 6%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Pan Asian) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry) [ ? ]

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Ohio**Style: Lager** A true Dortmunder is halfway between a Pilsner and a Munich style lager: sweeter than a Pilsner, but drier than a Munich lager; less hoppy than a Pilsner, but hoppier than a Munich lager; fuller bodied than a Pilsner, but lighter bodied than a Munich lager. The Dortmunder style has a wide range of appeal due to its smoothness and balance. **ABV 5.8%**Food Pairings: Cuisine (German) Cheese (buttery; Brie, Gouda, Havarti, Swiss) General (Apéritif) Meat (Pork, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Great Lakes Seasonal

**Origin: Ohio**Style: Seasonal**Christmas Ale, Commordore Perry, Conway's Irish Ale, Moondog Ale.


**Origin: Ireland**Style: Stout**It only takes four simple natural ingredients to start GUINNESS® on its journey — barley, water, hops and yeast. There's always been speculation, though, about a secret ingredient, or a jealously guarded brewing technique that makes GUINNESS® stout truly unique and explains why no other stout can rival its popularity. **ABV 4.2%**Food Pairings: Cuisine (Barbecue, Latin American) General (Chocolate) Meat (Smoked Meat, Grilled Meat) [ ? ]


 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Ireland**Style: Lager**A thin head crowns Harp's pale, unremarkable golden glow. Highly carbonated with small tightly-packed bubbles. Pleasant buttery, sweet smelling mix with a strong hint of barley. **ABV 5.0%**Food Pairings:Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Harpoon UFO

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Boston**Style: Unfiltered Wheat**UFO Hefeweizen is an American unfiltered wheat beer. Perhaps UFO’s initial sensory perception is also its most prominent: a cloudy golden color and a dense, frothy head. The yeast, which has not been filtered out, accounts for the cloudiness of UFO. Wheat malt tends to create a larger head than barley malt, the cereal grain most often used in brewing. When served in a traditional wheat beer glass with a lemon, UFO presents an appealing and distinctive visual image. The aroma has a faint but clear citrus-like character. This is produced by the special yeast and accounts for the Bavarian tradition of serving hefeweizens with a lemon. The lemon accentuates the yeast’s fruity, tart fragrance. UFO has a soft mouthfeel and a refreshing, light body. The wheat malts and subtle hopping give the beer a mild, delicate flavor. UFO has a clean finish. Unlike some imported hefeweizens, UFO does not have the spicy, tropical flavors typical of European-brewed style. The overall character is a cloudy appearance with a citrus-like aroma, light body, and clean finish. Serve with a lemon. **ABV 4.8%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Latin American, German) Cheese (earthy; Camembert, Fontina) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry) [ ? ]

Honey Brown

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: New York**Style: Honey Lager**NOT IN BEER CLUB**In brewing Honey Brown, we use a dark pilsner style lager and add just the right amount of Manitoba Wildflower Honey. This creates a smooth Honey flavor that fades to a crisp dry finish. We use just enough hops to dry out the honey’s sweetness without lending any unpleasant bitterness to the finish. **ABV 4.5%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Latin American) Meat (Beef, Poultry) [ ?

Killian's Irish Red

**Origin: Colorado**Style: Dark Lager** Rich amber color and a thick, creamy head. Introduced into the U.S. in 1981. Gold medalist (amber lager) at 1998 World Beer Cup. **ABV 4.9%** Food Pairings: Cuisine (Latin American, German) Meat (Beef, Smoked Meat, Grilled Meat) [ ? ]

Labatt Blue

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Canada**Style: Pale Lager**NOT IN BEER CLUB**Thick white head that decreases rapidly but leaves some foam around the edge. Nice effervescence. Clear golden colour. Hops and pale malt. Touch of lemon and a slighly strange sugary undertone. **ABV 5%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Latin American) Meat (Beef, Poultry) [ ?

Left Hand Milk Stout

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Colorado**Style: Milk Stout****Strong roasted malt and coffee flavors built the foundation of this classic cream stout.The addition of milk sugars mellow the intense roastiness and gives this beer the most incredible creamy mouth feel. **ABV 5.2%**Food Pairings:General (Chocolate, Dessert) [ ? ]

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Wiconsin**Style: Three Berry Pale Ale & Wheat**cloudy and really pin and just a bit orangish. Medium head with good retention - but even that is pink. Initial smell of blackberry syrup when it is first opened. Once it is in the glass it is a bit less sweet, with a bit of tartness to it. No beer smell at all though - it is all fruit. **ABV 4.9%**Food Pairings:General (Salad) [ ? ]

Leinenkugel Honey Weiss

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Wiconsin**Style: Malted Wheat & Honey**A golden color with a generous inch or higher white head that has good retention time. Leaves a fair amount of lacing very nice. It has a sweet aroma with deffinate hop presence. Very nice sweet and bitter combination dry finish. Medium bodied beer that is smooth and not overly carbonated. **ABV 4.7%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Latin American, German) Cheese (earthy; Camembert, Fontina) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry) [ ? ]

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Wiconsin**Style: Golden Slight Fruity Wheat**Hazy peach color with a decent white head and good carbonation. Interesting citrus fruity aroma and flavor; akin to orange juice. The coriander is not really noticeable at all. Light-medium bodied with a biting citrus finish. **ABV 4.9%**Food Pairings:Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack, tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Lindemans Framboise

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Belgium **Style: Lambic-Fruit **Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean natural taste. Style—Raspberry Lambic. Color—Rose. **ABV 6.5 %** Food Pairings: Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean natural taste. Style—Raspberry Lambic. Color—Rose.

Miller High Life

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Wisconsin**Style: American Lager**NOT IN BEER CLUB**Pours golden with a two finger head like soap bubbles. Good retention and good lacing. Clean nose-slight adunct. Minimal sweetness, very clean tasting. Semi-dry aftertaste. Light-bodied with above avergae carbonation- crisp mouthfeel. Fnish is light and clean. A good session beer. **ABV 5%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Barbecue, Indian, Latin American, Thai, Pan Asian) Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack) Meat (Shellfish) [ ? ]

Miller Lite

**Origin: Wisconsin**Style: Light Lager**NOT IN BEER CLUB**Light body, quick aggressive crispness from a moderate level of carbonation that is leftover. **ABV 5.0%**Food Pairings: Cuisine (Barbecue, Curried, Indian, Latin American, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Pan Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern) [ ? ]


Molson Canadian

**Origin: Canada**Style: Lager**NOT IN BEER CLUB** Crystal clear water, malted barley and the finest hops, CANADIAN is slowly fermented to produce a smooth, refreshing beer with a genuine taste. Clean and clear, crisp and cold CANADIAN is a classic lager. **ABV 5.0%** Food Pairings: Cuisine (Barbecue, Indian, Latin American, Thai, Pan Asian) Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack) Meat (Shellfish) [ ? ]


 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Canada**Style: Golden Lager**Nice medium amber color, poured with a 3/4 inch head that slowly melted away. Smell is typical for beer bottled in green bottles. Taste is good, again for a lager brewed in Canada this is a good beer. Good carbonation. **ABV 5%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Barbecue, Italian) Cheese (earthy; Camembert, Fontina) Meat (Pork, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]


 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: England**Style: Brown Ale** Rich tradition in English brewing. It's a smooth and easy light brown ale. **ABV 4.7%** Food Pairings: Cheese (earthy; Camembert, Fontina, nutty; Asiago, Colby, Parmesan) Meat (Pork, Grilled Meat) [ ? ]

Oak Barrel Stout

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Washington, D.C**Style: American Stout** Dominion Ale is brewed in an English style with American Two-Row Pale, Caramel, & Black malts. This is our best selling draught beer and overall our largest volume beer. We use Perle, Williamette, & Mt. Hood hops from the Pacific Northwest and English Kent Golding hops. We ferment our ale with a traditional American ale yeast in the German Kolsch style - warm, fast fermentation followed by a slow maturation. Dominion Ale is malty with an assertive hop character dominated by the aromatic Kent Golding. Widely available in bottles and draught. **ABV 5.2%**Food Pairings: Cuisine (Barbecue) Cheese (buttery; Brie, Gouda, Havarti, Swiss, earthy; Camembert, Fontina) General (Chocolate, Dessert) Meat (Beef, Shellfish, Smoked Meat, Game, Grilled Meat) [ ? ]

Old Scratch

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Colorado**Style: Light Amber**NOT IN BEER CLUB** Old Scratch Amber Lager is a malty, mellow beer that is fermented at medium temperatures to develop both ale and lager characteristics.**ABV 5.4%**Food Pairings:Cuisine (Barbecue) Cheese (peppery; Monterey / Pepper Jack, sharp; Blue, Cheddar, tangy; Brick, Edam, Feta) General (Salad) Meat (Pork, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish) [ ? ]

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Oregon**Style: Brown Ale**A nutty twist to a traditional European Brown Ale. Dark brown in color with a hazelnut aroma, a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish.**ABV 6.2% Food Pairings:**Cuisine (Barbecue) Cheese (earthy; Camembert, Fontina, nutty; Asiago, Colby, Parmesan) General (Chocolate) Meat (Beef) [ ? ]

Sierra Nevada

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: California**Style: Pale Ale** Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a delightful interpretation of a classic style. It has a deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Generous quantities of premium Cascade hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor. **ABV 5.6%** Food Pairings: Cuisine (Pan Asian) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry) [ ? ]


Warsteiner Dunkel

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Germany**Style: Stout**WARSTEINER Premium Dunkel "German for Dark" offers beer lovers incomparable taste satisfaction with its subtle spiciness, delicate aroma, and balance. What makes premium Dunkel distinctive among dark beers, is its thirst quenching, refreshingly drinkable flavor. **ABV 4.9%** Food Pairings: Cuisine (German) Meat (Smoked Meat, Game, Grilled Meat) [ ? ]

Woodchuck Amber

 (available at Brookgate location)
**Origin: Vermont **Style: Hard Cider**Amber was the first style of cider produced under the Woodchuck label. It is made from a blend of apples and fermented with champagne yeast to produce a great tasting and refreshing product. **ABV 5%**Food Pairings:





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